Why Are College Students Turning To CBD? 

Fall semester has just begun, and many students are starting to struggle with stress and restlessness. By adding CBD into your daily routine, you can minimize stress and even sleep better for longer. 

If you are having trouble sleeping because of the coffee you drink all day long; or if you’re stressed due to the multiple tests you have this week, here is how CBD can help. 

What is CBD? 

You may be asking yourself, how can CBD help you? Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, is derived from the hemp plant. Countless amounts of avid CBD users have raved of its many benefits. It is used to manage stress levels and with help both falling asleep and staying asleep. Chillax’n CBD’s high-quality, affordable products can help you cope with these common daily struggles as a college student.  
CBD For Improving Sleep 

Many people, especially college students, go through the notorious energy- draining cycle. Taking in large amounts of caffeine during the day to eventually have difficulty falling asleep when it comes time for bed. Irregular sleep cycles can also be caused by students staying up late studying for tests, going out partying, or by just stress alone. Sleep is very important to your development and growth. Recent research on college students and sleep indicates that insufficient sleep impacts our health, our moods, our GPA and our safety. Using CBD products, such as lighting a Chillax’n CBD candle while getting ready for bed, can help students feel relaxed for sleep. Adding a few drops of Chillax’n CBD oil concentrate under your tongue before bed is another way to use your CBD for sleep. This is a step you should not skip during your night routine if you want to improve your quality of sleep.  


CBD candle and CBD lotion

CBD For Managing Stress 

Another common dilemma among college students are high stress levels. This could be caused by too much caffeine, a test coming up, or a load of homework to be completed. CBD can alleviate this self-induced stress. College students can add CBD to their morning routine or use it throughout the day. You can put a few drops of Chillax’n CBD water concentrate into your morning coffee. You can also use Chillax’n CBD beverage enhancers in your water bottle throughout your day. 


dropping CBD water concentrate into coffee using a dropper


How Can I Start Using CBD Today? 

There are so many effortless ways you can use CBD throughout the day to improve your mood without the added stress. You can carry a tincture of Chillax’n CBD around just like a pack of gum! If you are feeling a bit stressed, add a quick drop under your tongue and you’re done. Chill out with Chillax’n CBD and your college experience will be a lot smoother. 



best times to use CBD and which products to use

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