Can you believe it’s already September!? Back to school, fall, and the holiday season is upon us, which makes September the perfect time to focus on mental health. Mental health was THE buzzword of 2020 and continues to be a prominent topic. Quarantine offered many people a chance to reflect and relax, but not everyone saw this time as an extra vacation. Others felt isolated, scared, and unsure of what the future held. This began the mental health revolution of 2020!


During this time, 30% of US adults reported feeling anxious or depressed, according to the CDC. As moods went down and stress went up, people prioritized mental health and ways to help achieve it. CBD has been found to help alleviate some symptoms that can occur while going through tough and scary times. Three of the big benefits of CBD include increased mood, better sleep, and less stress! Read on to hear more about how a little CBD can help improve your mental health and wellness in several ways.


Increased Mood- Turn Those Blues Green 

It’s normal to have moods that fluctuate often based on the circumstances around you. So, it’s no wonder people started to feel terrible around the time quarantine began. The world seemed to be spiraling in chaos and hate, and some people started feeling lonelier and more stressed. People searched for ways to improve their mood and some luckily landed on the wonderful benefits of CBD. People found it can help regulate the fluctuations of your many moods, so you feel more grounded and relaxed. Our CBD shots are a straightforward way to quickly start feeling the benefits of CBD...Cheers!


Better Sleep - Take Your Greens Before Bed

A great time to take CBD is before you go to sleep. Sometimes right before bed, it can be hard to quiet the thoughts going around in your brain. Using CBD for sleep can help regulate your sleep cycles so you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. While research is still in the early stages, some studies suggest that  CBD may support sleep.

Try this for better sleep:

  1. 30 before going to bed, put some Chillax’n CBD oil under your tongue and put your phone away.
  2. Listen to music or sit with your thoughts for a while until you feel relaxed.
  3. Fall asleep (:


Less Stress - Don’t Just Green and Bear It

Let’s be real here. The last year has been a stressful time for all of us, there’s no need to hide it! CBD can help with many things, including feelings caused by stress and the crazy world around us. Stress looks different for everyone, which means there isn’t a single cure for it either. However, many people report feeling less stressed while taking CBD consistently. If you are feeling worse than usual, don’t pretend otherwise! Let someone you trust know how you're feeling and explore your options. We offer different stress releasors like our CBD reed diffuser, which releases the smell of sweet vanilla into your home slowly, to enable those chill vibes.


If you’re new to CBD check out this blog to find out which CBD product is best for you.




Chillax’n CBD is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, and any claims regarding such purpose(s) have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Consult your physician before beginning any regimen with Chillax’n products.