CBD Gifts under $10, $25, $35, and $80    

Holiday shopping is so relaxing. Prices steadily increase as you pull your hair out, trying to think of a gift for that coworker who is definitely expecting something but doesn’t really fit into your budget. Did we say relaxing? We meant awful. Stressful. Panic-inducing. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and take a deep breath. We are going to soothe your soul with carefully-organized holiday cheer.  


What makes a perfect gift? 

We all want to give our loved one’s perfect gifts. Gifts that say, “I care about you, so I put thought into this.” So, what makes a gift perfect? First, it’s enjoyable, not just practical. For example, your brother might desperately need a broom for his apartment, but let’s not give that as a gift. Second, it’s unique enough to seem thoughtful. You know this if you’ve ever received one of those soap and lotion sets that are so good for regifting.  

Lastly, you get bonus points if the gift enhances the recipient’s quality of life in one way or another. After the year we’ve had, there’s not a single person on your list who doesn’t need it. How can you enhance your loved ones’ quality of life, you ask? With CBD, the cannabinoid compound making huge waves across the medical and psychological research sectors right now. CBD is not just in tinctures anymore. Check out these gifts… 


Chillax’n gifts under $10, $25, $35, and $80 

Here it is, the ultimate holiday gift list. The one that’s going to win you the crown of Best and Most Memorable Gift Giver this year. Why is it going to win you the crown?  Because these gifts are practical,  enjoyable, unique, and thoughtful, and (bonus points!) the ones that contain CBD can actually improve your loved ones’ lives.


Gifts Under $10 

These are your go-to’s after a tough year, or when you’re shopping for that coworker, we mentioned earlier. To help with holiday stress, CBD shots are easy and fast acting! These yummy little powerhouses give your body the support and energy it needs to focus, destress, and recover from athletic activity. There should be one in every stocking. For the collector (or the drinker) in your life, check out the Chillax’n CBD Shot Glass. It’s frosted, it’s stylish, and you can never have too many. Keeping with the theme, we have the Cool’zie Drink Hugger. This cozy coozie keeps your brother’s canned beverages cold and his hands dry, and it’s a much better idea than a broom.  


Gifts Under $25 

We’ve graduated from the stocking stuffer bracket to the Secret Santa “keep it under $25.” It starts with Premium CBD Mouth Spray, the quick, brain-boosting picker-upper with no detectable THC (that’s the bad stuff that shows up in drug tests). Better yet, keep the juices flowing all day with scented Premium CBD Mask Spray. Who knew masks would have a use other than stopping your spittle from violating people’s personal space? 

Okay, here come the big guns. This one is for your mom, your bestie, or maybe another one for your brother because it’s less offensive than cleaning supplies. The CBD Reed Diffuser slowly releases a subtle, stress-relieving vanilla fragrance to support sleep, focus, and a general sense of wellbeing.  




Gifts Under $35 

A short step up from the Secret Santa tier, we have gifts for your loved ones. Your inner circle. The people you want to buy gifts for. And remember, it doesn’t have to be expensive to be perfect. Know someone with achy joints or muscle tension? Premium CBD Cream and Roll-On Cream supports anti-inflammatory relief.    

Maybe your favorite person has great joints, but they struggle with stress. Premium CBD Beverage Enhancers can be added to any drink (water, soda, even alcohol), giving your nervous friend a big dose of calm and relaxation in a very tasty way. Got a candle lover on your hands? Give the gift of scented serenity in vanilla or cinnamon with a Signature CBD Candle.  



Gifts Under $80 

The category you’ve been waiting for. Here is where you shop for your top three favorite people on the planet. Certified Organic CBD Oil Concentrate and Certified Organic CBD Water Concentrate support focus, calmness, sleep, and inflammation control. If your loved one needs some good old-fashioned homeostasis, this is the perfect gift. 




You could be done holiday shopping in ten minutes. 

Now it’s time to start shopping, and we didn’t forget that gift we promised for you… we’re giving you 50% off your first purchase from Chillax’n CBD, just In time for the holidays! In ten minutes, you could be totally done with your holiday shopping and feeling good about the amount of money you spent. You can’t beat that.