Get outside! It’s already summer here in sunny Tampa, Florida and we’re headed outside for some vitamin D and a boost of serotonin. Spending time outdoors can be good for physical and mental health. Combining the awesome benefits of CBD with nature is an effective way to help relieve everyday stress. 

Why is CBD Good for Outdoor Activities? 

Outdoor activities usually involve some type of physical movement. Whether that simply be walking or riding a bike, or something more physically intense like jet skiing and kayaking, you are bound to experience some soreness or tension in your body afterward. CBD is known for its therapeutic effects. It may help with exercise related inflammation and soreness in the body, making it the perfect addition to your outdoor activity aftercare. Our CBD lotion and roll-on will loosen your muscles and help your body decompress after a long day of activities. CBD lotions and creams:

  • Target muscles and sore areas 
  • Made with menthol for a cooling sensation 
  • Provide instant relief 

Recommendation: Try a nice hot shower followed by some Chillax’n CBD Roll-On after your outdoor activities.

Many people like to spend time in nature because of the calming effects. There’s nothing quite like the sunshine on your face, the wind on your skin and the smell of the outdoors! Why not turn the chill vibes up a notch with CBD? Chillax’n CBD shots and Beverage Enhancers are the perfect size to put in your pocket or bag while you enjoy the outdoors. CBD wellness drinks help you:

  • Feel calm and relaxed 
  • Increase mood 
  • Live in the moment 

Recommendation: Add some Lemon-Lime or Cherry Beverage Enhancer to your water bottle before heading out on your activity. 

Outdoor Activities in Tampa 

Now that you know why CBD is good for outdoor activities, let’s talk about some must try outdoor activities in Tampa!  


Rent a Kayak or Paddle Board at Armature Works 

The Hillsborough River runs right through the heart of downtown and is lined with bars, restaurants, shops, parks and activities. If you want to get out on the water, Urban Kai is located at Armature Works. They offer kayak and paddle board rentals for $45 for 2 hours—which sounds like more than enough physical activity, right? This activity will have your arms burning by the end of it so make sure to pack some CBD!

Bikes on Bayshore Boulevard in Tampa Florida

Go for a Bike Ride Down Bayshore 

Along beautiful Bayshore Boulevard (and other areas around Tampa) you’ll find blue bikes that are the perfect afternoon activity. These bikes are only 25 cents a minute to rent and can be taken anywhere in Tampa. To rent them, just download the HOPR app and add your payment information. The bikes do need to be returned back to a HOPR location, but with multiple in the area you can choose the best location for you! 

Bikes on Bayshore Boulevard in Tampa FloridaHammock in Plant Park 

Hammocking is the ultimate relaxing activity. Hammocking on water is elite level relaxation. Plant Park is BYOH (bring your own hammock). Located at the University of Tampa, right on the Hillsborough River, you can take a midday nap or have an afternoon picnic in your lovely hammock. Parking at the University is open to the public and free on the weekends! 

Watch the Sunset on the Causeway 

Is anyone else obsessed with watching sunsets? The sunsets in Tampa are usually brilliant shades of pink, red, purple, and orange, and are guaranteed to boost your happy feelings! Our recommended spot for sunset chasing is Courtney Campbell Causeway. This almost 10 miles long bridge that connects Tampa to Clearwater has side areas to park at and watch the sunset or sunrise. If you are lucky enough, you may see a dolphin or two! There is even a pedestrian bridge that goes along the length of the bridge if you want to go on a nice 10-mile walk! (we’ll pass, but you go ahead)

Jet Ski at John's Pass on BeachRide Jet Skis at John’s Pass 

This list wouldn’t be complete without this water-sport activity! Jet skiing is a fun activity for anyone looking for high speeds and open water! Jack’s at John’s Pass has excellent deals on jet skis (rent 1 Waverunner for $85 an hour) with cheaper options if you go earlier in the day. Ride around the bay and along the beach for an hour or two! Riding jet skis even for only an hour will have your leg muscles right and tense so make sure you don’t forget some CBD Roll-On!