Many people are enjoying CBD with their favorite beverages and food like our famous CBD-Infused Strawberry Lemonade & Margherita Pizza. Mixing CBD with drinks and food is easy and you’ll still reap all the great benefits such as fast and complete absorption into the body, so you get the relief you’re looking for, fast! Some might even claim it tastes better. A few tips to keep in mind before cooking with CBD:

  1. Small Amounts – You don’t need a lot of CBD oil, use only the amount you would normally consume direct from the bottle

  2. Quality – When cooking, make sure you are using high quality CBD Oil.

  3. Use other Cooking Oils – The benefits of CBD work best when used with other oils such as Coconut Oil as the oil serves as an excellent carrier to enhance the bioavailability of the CBD (you get the affect faster!)

  4. Never heat up CBD – You can add CBD to the recipe, but do not heat up the oil on a stove or place under high temperatures

Now, let’s get down to the best part: cooking. Here’s a dish, dad’s sure to love.

CBD-Infused Strawberry Lemonade

There’s nothing more refreshing than a lemonade. With this recipe, you have the option of an alcoholic option or non-alcoholic! Both versions will have you wanting more.

Ingredients needed:

Strawberry Puree

1 ½ cups of lemon juice

2 cups of strawberries (stems cut off)

¼ cup of water


½ cup of sugar

6 cups of purified water

CBD Oil—Use only the amount that you would normally consume directly from the bottle in one sitting


½ cup of diced strawberries

1 lemon (cut in thin slices)

To start, add 2 cups of strawberries into a blender with the water. Blend until a puree form and then add the sugar and continue to blend for another minute. Next, add the lemon juice and blend about 30 seconds. Add the strawberry puree blend into a large pitcher then add 6 cups of purified water and drops of your CBD Oil. Stir well. Garnish with chopped strawberries and lemon slices when serving.

When making the adult version, fil a pitcher with 4-5 cups of ice and drop in the strawberries and lemon slices for garnish. Next, add vodka (about 1-2 cups depending on how much lemonade you are making) and top with the strawberry puree. Mix with a spoon then add 3-4 cups of purified water and your drops of CBD Oil. Stir again and enjoy!

Fresh Margherita Pizza

Serves: 4 slices

Ingredients needed:

12-inch pizza crust (premade or fresh)

1-2 cups of pizza sauce (fresh or premade)

4-5 tablespoons of Garlic-Infused Olive Oil

8 ounces of mozzarella (sliced)

3 tablespoons of parmigiano-reggiano cheese (grated)

5 large basil leaves

12-15 drops of CBD/Hemp Oil

Crushed Dried Red Pepper Flakes (to taste)

  • If you are using fresh ingredients or recipes to create the sauce and dough, be sure to follow the instructions accordingly. Once dough is ready, roll out or lay out.
  • Next, preheat your oven to 450 degrees. 
  • In a large baking sheet, drizzle a bit of the garlic olive oil then pat out the pizza crust directly on the baking sheet. 
  • Drizzle or brush a bit more of the olive oil on top of the crust then, spread about ½ cup of pizza sauce on it. 
  • Place the mozzarella in slices or cubed up pieces over the pizza, then do the same with the basil leaves. 
  • Place pizza in the oven to cook for about 10-15 minutes, or until the crust has become golden brown and cheese has started bubbling. 
  • Remove pizza from oven and spread on a wooden cutting board. 
  • Drizzle a bit more of the olive oil and using the CBD dropper, drip about 12-15 drops of CBD Oil per serving while being mindful that 1 slice is 1 serving per person. 
  • Sprinkle in the parmigiano-reggiano cheese and crushed dried red pepper flakes over the pizza for the finishing touch. Cut and enjoy!