We all know the Holidays can be stressful.  Adding a few drops of Chillax’n CBD to your favorite beverage will help provide the calming relief you’re looking for. So squeeze the day & try our Chillax’n Lemon-Lime Ginger Beer. Not only is it refreshing, but it’s sure to help take the edge off any situation. 

 chillaxn cbd lemon-lime ginger beer

Chillax’n™ Lemon-Lime Ginger Beer
1 Collins glass full of ice
1 can Ginger Beer (we love the amount of spice in Q Ginger Beer)
1 serving Lemon-Lime CBD Beverage Enhancer
1 sprig Rosemary


Combine ginger beer & lemon-lime CBD on ice with a rosemary sprig for a deliciously spiced drink 🥂

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