Incorporate Chillax’n in your Wellness Routine

By Ann Liguori, Radio & TV Sports Talk Show Host, Correspondent & Author


Happy New Year! A New Year – a better you! There’s no time like the present to fine-tune your wellness routine. And one’s wellness routine includes good nutrition, hydrating and exercising regularly. It also means saying good-bye to stress and nerves. So give a big welcome to ‘calm’ and ‘serenity’ in what will be a great ‘Chillax’n’ New Year!

With ‘you’ in mind, here are a few suggestions to jumpstart 2021 in a positive direction:

-Drink lots of water. Health officials recommend drinking 8 ounces of water a day, equivalent to a half a gallon of water daily. That may sound like a lot of water, but if you’re active, try to drink even more water.

-Load up on fruits and vegetables. The American Heart Association recommends eating 4-5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day.

-Aim to get at least 30 minutes of moderate physical exercise a day or at least 15 minutes of intense exercise a day, including aerobic activity, muscle strengthening and bone-strengthening activity. Exercise is crucial for good health and over-all stress release.

-Take a close look at your life and routine and figure out ways to reduce stress. Should you set the alarm clock a bit earlier so you’re not always rushing? Should you set more time aside for ‘down’ time and family time? Should you try to take it easy once in a while?

This year is ‘your’ year! Make time to take care of ‘you’!

We’re all aware that too much stress can lead to health issues.

And let Chillax’n products help you reduce stress and tension.

Chillax’n has a wide offering of home and body products to help reduce stress in your home and/or office:

The Chillax’n CBD candle comes in two different scents, sweet vanilla and cinnamon. The sweet vanilla candle is made with coconut wax, soy wax, hemp seed oil, lemon scent, blood orange scent, vanilla scent and broad-spectrum hemp extract. The cinnamon CBD scent consists of coconut wax, soy wax, hemp seed oil, cinnamon natural flavor, vanilla scent, broad spectrum hemp extract. Sweeten up the aroma in your home and/or office and set the tone for a relaxing living and workspace.

The Chillax’n CBD reed diffuser distributes a sweet vanilla scent and is made of broad-spectrum hemp extract, MCT oil, hemp seed oil, lemon scent, blood orange scent and vanilla scent. The result? The scent augments any environment, providing calming relief and mood enhancement. It can also promote natural sleep cycles.

The Chillax’n CBD Body Care Products include Premium CBD Cream, Premium CBD Roll-On Cream and Premium CBD Mask Spray.

The Premium CBD Cream, the Premium CBD Roll-On Cream and Premium CBD Mask Spray are all made from 100% USA Farmed Hemp. They are ISO 3rd Party Tested, have fast and immediate absorption, and are all shelf stable. Chillax’n body products can relieve minor aches, can help fight inflammation from active lifestyles, provide soothing relief, rejuvenate skin and support daily wellness routines.

Chillax’n offers a wide array of exciting CBD Consumption Products including the Certified Organic CBD Water Concentrate, the  Certified Organic CBD Water Concentrate, the Certified Organic CBD Oil Concentrate, the Premium CBD Beverage Enhancers, the Premium CBD Shots and the Premium CBD Mouth Spray. All these products are organic, are made from 100 % USA Farmed Hemp, ISO 3rd party tested, offer fast and complete absorption, are all-natural with no hard surfactants and are shelf stable.

Why not start the New Year off with products that can help provide fast, feel-good relief? Support your daily wellness routine, promote natural sleep cycles, help manage your stress, provide calming relief and help fight exercise induced inflammation.

Here’s to an amazing ‘Chillax’n’ New Year!   



The author is a paid advertiser of Chillax’n products. Views expressed by the author are not necessarily those of Chillaxn CBD’s. No statements in this article regarding hemp have been evaluated by the FDA. Consult with your physician before consuming hemp or beginning a hemp product regimen.