Shopping for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift just got a whole lot easier with our CBD gift guide! These CBD gifts are not only thoughtful, they are useful too! And when you shop now until Valentine’s Day, we’re giving you a special gift with purchase to show our love! Keep reading to find the best CBD Valentine’s Day gifts for your partner, lover, friend or family!  

CBD is the Perfect Gift 

CBD is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Here’s why: 
  • Helps reduce stress 
  • Helps set the mood 
  • Helps you feel calm and relaxed 
  • More unique than candy and chocolate 
  • You can enjoy it together 
  • Fun date idea (CBD and Chill) 

    Valentine’s Day Bundles 

    Our Valentine’s Day bundles take the guess work out of shopping for your love. These bundles feature two CBD products that are perfect for a date night out, a chill night in, or some self-love. Each bundle is meticulously chosen to reduce stress and enhance your mood. Plus, you save when you bundle, versus buying individual products, so you can spend that extra money on your SO (or yourself)! 


    Self Love: Beverage Enhancer and Candle 

    This bundle is perfect for YOU (or your Valentine). This lovely CBD gift set features our bestselling CBD Beverage Enhancer which comes in Lemon-Lime and Cherry (just mix with your favorite drink) and a CBD candle (get the sweet vanilla, trust me).  



    Real Love: Mouth Spray and Roll-On 

    You’ll be getting steamy in no time with this bundle on Valentine’s Day. The Real Love bundle is for the passionate lovers out there. A spritz of CBD mouth spray will keep you fresh as things start heating up. The cooling sensation of CBD and menthol in the CBD roll-on will excite your senses and is perfect for a massage. Caution-Do not buy this bundle for someone unless you are prepared for them to fall madly in love with you.  



    Kiss Me: Mouth Spray and Hand Cream 

    Kiss me! But only if you used the CBD mouth spray first! Get one for your date, or one for yourself. The minty mouth spray will leave your breath fresh and clean, while the CBD lotion can help ease some of the tension in your body. This valentine’s day gift bundle will cure those first date jitters so you can chillax and enjoy your time! 

    CBD Valentine’s Day Gifts for Everyone 

    Ballin’ on a budget this V-Day? We feel you. We’ve got gifts under $10, $25, $35, and $80 so you can choose how much you want to spend.  

    CBD Gifts Under $10  

    Never show up empty handed on Valentine’s Day! These goodies under $10 will show your friends how thoughtful you are. Grab a fruity CBD shop and a matching shot glass (cheers) or our original cool’zie to keep your drinks cold. Your friends will appreciate the gestor! 


    CBD Gifts Under $25  

    No need to spend tons of money to show you care. Sometimes it really is the thought that counts! These low priced but thoughtful items will say “love ya” without breaking the bank.  


    CBD Gifts Under $35  

    Candy and chocolate are the most boring, overdone gifts you can give on Valentine’s Day. Zero effort. 1/10. If you are going to spend $35 on candy, you might as well spend it on something that says, ‘I didn’t just go to the drug store and pick out the first thing I saw’. Our CBD candles, SMELL. SO. GOOD. We’ll continue to brag about them because you must smell them for yourself. Plus, they are way ‘chiller’ than normal candles. The CBD beverage enhancers come in 2 flavors so you can turn your drinks into functional, fruity refreshments. And last but not least, our CBD Hand Cream and Roll-On are a must-have for any active people out there. The cooling menthol and CBD soothe tension and aid in muscle recovery.  


    CBD Gifts Under $80  

    Our last V-Day gift category is for the ride-or-dies in your life. These CBD products are worth every penny and will show the love in your life how much they truly mean to you. Our CBD Oil and Water Concentrates have 600mg of CBD and are great for mixing in drinks or adding to food!