People are hard to shop for, we get it, that’s why we put together a gift guide that actually applies to the people on your list. 

If you’ve ever clicked on a gift guide before, which is likely considering you’re here now, you probably know how narrow-minded they can be. You’re looking for a gift for your bookworm sister who enjoys volunteering at the local animal shelter, and they recommend a nice set of golf clubs or a high-end gaming headset.  

We feel your pain, and we’re responding with a gift guide that’s suited for virtually everyone on your list, from the gym rat to the travel bug. That’s the thing about CBD: it enhances your life no matter what kind of life you live. Let’s jump in.  

Chillax'n Gift Guide

What makes CBD the perfect gift? 

You might notice a bit of a theme in our gifts. They’re all CBD-related, and that’s because we believe there’s nothing better than CBD to give to someone you care about. Why do we think that?  

Well, because research supports that CBD promotes healthy sleep, healthy appetite, and mood regulation, including the regulation of stress reactions. It’s a focused energy boost for your body and mind, helping you return to homeostasis so your body can do what it’s supposed to do better. 

Chillax’n Gifts for Everyone on Your List 

Because we all know a few people that can use a little Chillax’n & relax’n. 

Gifts for Him 

‘Tis the season for stress and tension. Give your special “him” the gift of chill, from his achy bones and muscles to his busy stressed-out mind. There are four ways he can chill: Certified Organic CBD Oil or Water Concentrate.  Just apply a few drops under the tongue & hes’ sure to be relax’n in no time. , Premium CBD Shots in delicious fruit punch or pink lemonade flavors that he can consume on the go, and Premium CBD Roll-On Cream to apply on his achy joints.  


Gifts for Her 

For the “her” in your life, these gifts are designed to appeal to the senses. First up, we have the Chillax’n Signature and Seasonal CBD Candles, releasing smooth scents and serenity into the air. Ready for the big leagues? Check out the CBD Reed Diffuser that continuously disperses healing CBD throughout the room without a flame. 

Give your friend and yourself a gift at the same time with Premium CBD Mouth Spray that refreshes the mind and breath at the same time while delivering powerful mood enhancement.  

Don’t worry; we haven’t forgotten the ladies’ joints and muscles. Premium CBD Cream reaches deep to kick inflammation to the curb and get you back on your feet. 


Gifts for Fitness Enthusiasts 

Fitness can be fun, but the aftermath of a good workout session is brutal. Your fitness fanatic friends will adore you for this one. Premium CBD Shots, Premium CBD Roll-On Cream, and Premium CBD Cream target tension and inflammation to support post-workout recovery.  


Gifts for the Life of the Party 

Some might call them “loud,” but we prefer “enthusiastic.” You know the type: always ready to take center stage, makes sure everyone has a great time, and a total godsend for those of us who are more reserved.  

Let the life of the party know you care with deliciously flavored Premium Cherry and Lemon-Lime CBD Beverage Enhancers, Premium Cinnamon CBD Mouth Spray, Premium Fruit Punch, and Pink Lemonade CBD Shots, and Certified Organic CBD Water Concentrate. 


Gifts for the Forever Host 

Help your favorite host/ess warm up their home with Signature or Seasonal CBD Candles. Fill the room with the subtle scent of relaxation with a Chillax’n CBD Reed Diffuser. And don’t forget the Premium CBD Cream to help them relax their aching body after a long day of serving, fetching, and entertaining. 


Gifts for the Traveler 

Restlessness and inflammation don’t care where you go. They stay with you in all your favorite places. Help your beloved traveler enjoy their favorite locations with travel-ready Premium Fruit Punch and Pink Lemonade CBD Shots, Certified Organic CBD Oil Concentrate, Premium Cherry and Lemon-Lime CBD Beverage Enhancers, and Premium Cinnamon CBD Mouth Spray. 


Gifts for the Gamer 

Things can get a little stale around the gaming chair. Being able to freshen up quickly with Premium Cinnamon CBD Mouth Spray and a Seasonal CBD Candle put a huge smile on your gamer’s face. It can even jazz up the brain cells after an exciting all-nighter. Throw in the Premium CBD Shots and Premium CBD Cream to revitalize your gamer and help them shake away the stiffness and brain fog. 


Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything 

And finally, the person you’ve been waiting for, the one that is that nightmare to shop for because they’ve already bought everything they want! You’ve got one thing they’re missing, so set them up for greater comfort and a clearer mind with Chillax’n’s convenient Premium Cinnamon CBD Mouth Spray, Premium Fruit Punch, and Pink Lemonade CBD Shots, Premium CBD Cream, and Seasonal CBD Candles.  


Ready to be done with holiday shopping? 

Of course, you are. With this gift guide, you can get everyone on your list something special that suits their lifestyles. Then, you can get yourself a celebratory gift with the money leftover in your budget.