The CBD industry is fairly new, so you can’t be expected to know everything about CBD. But, if you are interested in learning about CBD, keep reading to learn some CBD facts! The more you know, the easier it is the chillax and feel confident in the CBD products you choose.

1. CBD was discovered in 1940

Shout out to Roger and Raphael! In 1940, Roger Adams, a Harvard trained chemist isolated CBD extract for the first time. Shortly after, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, known as the ‘godfather of cannabis’ discovered the structure of CBD. This played a huge role in identifying the differences between CBD and THC and their accompanying affects. Without these guys we wouldn’t be able to reap all the wonderful benefits of CBD like increased mood and better sleep! (CBDorigin)


(picture from Zebra CBD)

2. CBD dosage is not a one size fits all

Our love for CBD knows no bounds! However, it’s important to be aware of your dosage before you start chillax’n. There are several factors that affect CBD’s effectiveness for each individual person. This includes weight, age, sex, overall health and even how much you’ve eaten that day. Because of this, many brands recommend starting with a low dose and going up after a few days of the same dose.


3. CBD is one of out over 100 cannabinoids

Although CBD is one of the highest concentrated compounds found in hemp plants, next to THC, there are over 100 cannabinoids that aren’t as widely known. Some big ones include:

  • Cannabidiolic Acid (CBDA)
  • Cannabinol (CBN)
  • Cannabigerol (CBG)
  • Cannabichromene (CBC)

Research is still ongoing about what each of these compounds do and how they affect us, but we’re all inclusive so we welcome them into the CBD community with open arms and look forward to learning about their benefits.

4. Extraction Method Matters

There are two main types of methods for extracting CBD. CO2 extraction is highly precise and can produce some of the purest cannabinoid extracts when done properly. However, there is a high cost of equipment and steep learning curve with this method. Ethanol extraction is perhaps the most popular CBD extraction process, as it is safe, simple, and effective. It is considered extremely time efficient compared to the CO2 extraction process. (Weedmaps) Chillax’n CBD is made from hemp that has only been CO2 extracted. Even though this process is more costly and time consuming, Chillax’n CBD goes the extra mile to make sure its products are produced to the highest standards.

5. CBDs greatest risk doesn’t have anything to do with CBD

Not all CBD brands should be treated equally. Unfortunately, the FDA has not regulated the CBD industry so you could be getting a bottle labeled as CBD, when really it contains other products and compounds. Thankfully, some brands have taken their own initiative to produce safe products by including COAs (certificate of analysis), sourcing hemp from within the US, and using third party testing. These three precautions are a surefire way to know your CBD is safe so you can start chillax’n! Try scanning the code below if you want to see what information is included in the COA!


Now that you know a bit more about CBD you can start reaping the benefits such as a little more relaxation and recovery thanks to this new and exciting compound! Let us know if you have any other fun facts about CBD!