Whether you are just starting your CBD journey or you’ve been on it for some time, you’ll be glad you ended up here! It’s 2022 and we are finally moving with ‘a purpose’. 2022 will not be a year wasted.  Instead, we will squeeze every last drop of goodness and productivity out of the year until we are left with the best version of ourselves. Today, you will learn how to maximize the benefits of CBD based on the best time of day to take CBD. 


Different types of CBD products affect the body differently 

This depends on the bioavailability of the products you are using. Bioavailability is a measure of how much a substance is able to access circulation and reach the target area. CBD oils taken sublingually (under the tongue) offer some of the highest bioavailability and begin working anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour after you take it. Other CBD taken orally such as a CBD Shot, or CBD Beverage Enhancers have a high bioavailability too, due to their water-soluble properties. While CBD lotions offer a lower bioavailability, the lotion targets cannabinoid receptors through your skin pores vs your bloodstream! 


When Should I Take CBD? 

You can take CBD any time of the day to reap the benefits. But it’s 2022 and we are MAXIMIZING our life and the benefits of CBD. So let’s get into the best times of day to take CBD based on the benefits you are seeking. 

Chillax'n CBD in the Morning 

CBD in the Morning-Feel Focused 

Taking CBD in the morning is great if you are looking for more focus and alertness. A fun way to incorporate CBD into your morning routine is to add it to your coffee. Pro Tip – leave a bottle of Chillax’n CBD oil on your desk, so you can easily add it to your morning coffee when you first sit down at your desk!  

CBD in the Morning-Healthy and Active Lifestyle 

Are you active in the mornings? You should add CBD to your morning routine. CBD is an anti-inflammatory and helps reduce soreness and tension in people with active lifestyles. So, whether you start your morning at the gym, or a yoga class, or a pleasant walk around the block, some CBD lotion on your sore areas can really help loosen tightness and promote recovery.  

Chillaxn CBD for Drinks

CBD in the Midday-Improve Concentration 

Feeling burnt out by the time 2:00 comes around? If you find yourself losing focus and being less than productive after lunch, a midday dose of CBD could be useful to you. A CBD shot can give you the supplementary focus you need to power through the rest of your day. Plus, they are discreet, quick, and fruity so you want to add it to your midday routine! 

CBD in the Midday-Stress Relief 

If stress is wreaking havoc on your day, we suggest a fun midday mocktail! Find some juice, soda, or even water, add some cherry or lemon-lime CBD beverage enhancer, and cheers to you because you’ll be doing better in no time!  

Chillaxn CBD lighting candles

CBD at Night-Relax After a Long Day 

If you find CBD to be more calming than energizing, taking CBD at night is the ideal time for you. After a long day, we’re all looking for some zen and peace, a CBD candle or reed diffuser can infuse your home with the same soothing energy found in a spa. Clear your mind and wind down to sweet scents of vanilla and cinnamon (yum).  

CBD at Night-Healthy Sleep Cycles 

In larger doses, CBD can help promote healthy sleep cycles. If you have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, CBD could help you. Some CBD oil in some tea before bed or a spritz of CBD mouth spray will help you release the stress of the day and slow the racing thoughts that tend to keep us awake. 


Now there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to CBD. These ideas are merely suggestions of optimal times to take CBD. So, experiment, see what works for you and what doesn’t. After some trial and error, you should have a clearer idea of how you can maximize CBD benefits for yourself!